3 Questions to Ask Your Commercial REALTOR® in Edmonton Before Buying a Property

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When purchasing a commercial property, your choice of a commercial REALTOR® in Edmonton is crucial to the success of your transaction. To make an informed decision, you should interview a few different REALTORS® and have a list of questions prepared to ask them. Asking the right questions is essential, and several inquiries should take center stage during your interviews, from assessing your REALTOR®’s local expertise in the area, to how they plan to negotiate on your behalf successfully, and clarifying what their commission fees are and what that fee includes. The answers to these questions can give you confidence in choosing the right real estate agent for you and ensure your commercial REALTOR® in Edmonton is someone you trust with such a significant investment.

What is your experience with commercial real estate transactions in this area?

A commercial REALTOR® in Edmonton with comprehensive experience in a particular area is more likely to have a deep network of contacts, insights into local market trends, and an understanding of the unique factors that can influence property values and investment potential. Their local knowledge can be invaluable in helping you make educated decisions about the right location, property type, and pricing. An experienced Edmonton REALTOR® is often better equipped to spot prospects and potential challenges, ultimately guiding you toward a successful commercial real estate transaction.

How do you go about the negotiation process?

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Your commercial REALTOR® in Edmonton should be skilled in the area of negotiations, as this is a significant part of a real estate transaction. Your REALTORS® knowledge is invaluable here, as they can leverage their market expertise to ensure you’re getting a fair deal. They can also help you understand the seller’s position and negotiate on your behalf, which can be particularly advantageous if several buyers are interested in the commercial property. Your REALTOR® can advise you on structuring your offer and determine what terms might be attractive to the seller. A skilled negotiator can lead to a more favourable outcome and save you time, stress, and possibly even money during the purchase.

What is your commission fee, and what does it include?

Having a clear understanding of what you will need to pay your REALTOR® is integral. Different commercial REALTORS® may have different fee structures, such as commissions based on a percentage of the property’s sale price or a flat fee. Ask your real estate agent about the specific fees involved and how and when they are payable. Understanding the compensation structure helps you assess whether the REALTORS® interests are aligned with yours and whether their services represent a good value for your investment. Clear communication is essential to building trust and successful working relationships with your commercial REALTOR® in Edmonton. You can read about our commission fees at Realty Unleashed here.

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