February 26, 2024


If you are a first-time commercial real estate buyer, you may have some legal questions that need answering. The best way to get familiar with commercial real estate is to hire a real estate agent and a real estate lawyer who can help you navigate all of the intricacies and moving parts

February 19, 2024


Commercial real estate transactions can be complex, involving legal, financial, and market-related intricacies. Seeking guidance from experienced professionals, such as real estate lawyers, tax lawyers, commercial REALTORS®, and financial advisors, can be instrumental in avoiding pitfalls and making informed decisions. Here are 3 mistakes you want to avoid making when

February 12, 2024


Sustainable practices in Calgary commercial real estate affect development, operation, and management. Adopting sustainable practices is critical for economic viability and environmental stewardship. Commercial stakeholders are embracing sustainable practices like energy efficiency, renewable energy, green building certifications, and waste management to reduce impact and improve performance. These practices drive long-term

February 5, 2024


Working with a commercial REALTOR® in Edmonton can save you time and money while also providing valuable expertise and guidance throughout the commercial real estate transaction process. Here are 3 reasons why working with a commercial agent is always the best practice. Commercial REALTORS® have access to listings. If you team

January 29, 2024


Location is an incredibly important part of choosing a hub for commercial real estate in Edmonton. Key factors to consider are accessibility, demographics, and competition. By assessing these factors, developers and investors can make informed decisions that maximize the value and potential of their assets, setting the stage for long-term