Multi-Family Staging

Multi-family Home Staging

In order to create a successful, profitable listing, we believe in the value of home staging. When potential buyers research online listings, the property’s photos are vital to creating great first impressions. Not only does that mean good lighting and realistic angles, but it also showcases that a property is move-in-ready, clean, and purposeful. Part of our marketing strategy is to stage a property to look like a home. For example, in the same way that residential buyers want to see a cozy bedroom, real estate investors are intrigued by properties that look turn key and ready to rent to tenants. We provide complimentary staging consultations, staging furniture, and of course, the actual staging service and set-up/take-down.

What is staging?

Staging involves preparing a property for sale using furniture and decor to help create a visual representation of each room. One of the goals of staging is to make the property as neutral as possible to broaden the pool of potential buyers, but primarily, the objective is to sell the property quickly and for more money than it would otherwise. Home staging motivates a buyer to act on a listing before someone else does.

Multi-family Staging

Why does staging work?

If you’re wondering why staged residences get more traffic and better offers, it’s because it actually allows buyers to visualize themselves living there. In the case of a real estate investor, they can quickly understand how the property can be marketed to potential tenants. When a room is empty, It’s challenging to envision how a room can be utilized or lived in, and often difficult to distinguish which room is which. In the case of selling a multi-family property, it’s much more appealing for buyers to see how several units look with furniture in them.

Your property is more valuable when staged.

Listing your property on REALTOR.ca is imperative. It is the heavyweight champion of property search, and its management is critical to your success. This means including excellent photos to drive online and in-person traffic to your listing, and staged listings drive far more traffic. Data gathered in 2020 from the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) noted that 85% of staged homes garnered offers between 5-23% over list price. The same data showed that 75% of sellers saw a 5-15% return. Long story short, your property will always be seen at a more elevated value if it is appropriately staged before you list.

Staging is not cheap, but we do it for free.

Staged properties tend to sell for the list price and sometimes even above it. In fact, 58% of REALTORS® who represent buyers note that buyers offer more money for staged properties, especially in a hot market that moves quickly. Furniture rentals are where things can get extremely expensive. You can anticipate paying approximately $500-$600 per month for each room you stage. The rooms that always demand the most attention are the primary bedroom, the children’s room, and the living room. Each of these rooms requires significant pieces of furniture to make the room feel complete and whole. Things like beds, couches, armchairs, lamps, coffee tables, etc., are not inexpensive items. We stage for free, and we do it because it works.

Multi-family staging and Realty Unleashed.

The advantage of a multi-family property is that you don’t need to stage every unit; you can get away with only staging a few units to represent the whole. For example, if your building has 6 bachelor suites, 10 1-bedroom suites, and 10 2-bedroom suites, you can stage one of each so long as the layout is virtually the same. Realty Unleashed has been staging properties for years, meaning we have plenty of inventory to suit every kind of home. We know the value of staging prior to listing because we’ve seen it work repeatedly; higher offers and faster sales is typically the result of a well-staged property.