Our Story

Realty Unleashed Inc. was founded by Chris Squires and Jen Armstrong during Chris’ Executive MBA at the University of Alberta. During the research for his capstone project, Chris learned that 74% of people who used a real estate professional would never use or refer that professional again, an alarming percentage for an industry that claims to provide incredible service.

Realty Unleashed positions itself in the marketplace through its commitment to


First, Realty Unleashed is dedicated to providing unmatched service and guarantees this by allowing clients to cancel at any time, with no cancellation fees, prior to accepting an offer to purchase. This means that Realty Unleashed is willing to lose time and resources if it can’t satisfy its clients. Realty Unleashed also offers free home staging, seasonal yard care, a listing and move-out clean, eco-station and donation centre runs, and more.


Secondly, Realty Unleashed commits to transparency by providing buyers and sellers with clear and accurate information. For example, prospective buyers can see list prices and property particulars posted publicly, which puts vital information in the hands of decision-makers.


Lastly, Realty Unleashed commits to collaboration. This means that Realty Unleashed is happy to work with other Real Estate professionals and offer them a cooperating portion of the commission fee in order to complete a sale. Realty Unleashed truly believes that this is in the best interest of our clients.

Chris & Jen
Jen & Chris

These commitments have proven effective. Realty Unleashed has experienced exponential growth since its inception and continues to grow with next to no advertising dollars spent. Realty Unleashed has grown on referrals alone. We expanded and opened a new office in Calgary in October 2021 and are in the initial stages of exploring an expansion to the US. Our referral-based approach has made us one of the highest-producing teams.

Our commitment to service has allowed us to be a one-stop shop for our clients. We have a very loyal client base that trust Realty Unleashed with all of their residential and commercial transactions. We are not aware of any other brokerage in North America that is a one-stop shop for their clients. For example, it is not uncommon for us to help a client buy a commercial property while, at the same time, helping their children buy their first home. Realty Unleashed staff and REALTORS® are paid salaries and are not independent contractors like the dominant model in the real estate industry. This has been critical to ensuring our quality of service and meeting the real-time needs of our clients. We can adapt to serve our clients without the complications of needing approval from multiple franchise owners and hundreds of independent contractors. Our model has been positively received, by an overwhelming amount, from the market- place; our business model is a key component that has driven our growth as a company. We are proud to say wholeheartedly that it is hard to beat our service to clients.

Realty Unleashed is a member of the Real Estate Association of Edmonton, the Calgary Real Estate Board, the Alberta Real Estate Association and the Canadian Real Estate Association.