Our Approach

Disposition Process

Realty Unleashed Inc. follows a systematic approach to evaluate, market and sell/lease a client’s property.

Using data from the current market and key attributes of the property, we provide a valuation for the property. Depending on the property, we will prepare it for sale. A multifamily unit with one or two vacancies provides an opportunity. 

We develop a strategy to market the property that includes unique signage, and exposure on Realty Unleashed’s website, REALTOR.ca, using Multiple Listing Services (MLS) to reach potential buyers or lessees. 

We field phone calls and questions and coordinate site visits with potential buyers/lessees while keeping our clients informed of inquiries and activity. As well as prepare email campaigns to use experience and market data to perform informed evaluations on bids and provide selling/leasing recommendations, and collaborate with clients to prepare and finalize agreements for transactions with due diligence to ensure that outcomes are in the best interest of the client.

Transparent & Collaborative Approach

Realty Unleashed is collaborative and welcoming to working with other commercial real estate professionals by offering half our brokerage fee to complete a sale. In today’s marketplace, providing quick and transparent information to potential buyers is imperative. Often, buyers experience challenges getting a price on a property available for sale from commercial brokerages and their agents in a timely manner.

Realty Unleashed takes a different approach and exercises a transparent marketing strategy that alleviates pain points for potential buyers seeking information. Realty Unleashed’s unique team approach makes things happen faster, respond quicker and serve buyers better every day. Ultimately this approach is chosen to benefit Realty Unleashed clients.

Realty Unleashed will ensure that, on a regular basis, buyer traffic is reviewed, feedback is sought, and the pricing strategy is reviewed with our clients and adjusted when necessary.

Marketing Tools

Listing on REALTOR.ca

  • Similar to other brokerages, Realty Unleashed leverages the network of buyers and sellers to reach the market.
  • Realty Unleashed always lists commercial properties on REALTOR.ca. While it is often thought of as a residential tool, it is actually a powerful and robust commercial search engine.
  • Utilizing REALTOR.ca provides quick, transparent information. Realty Unleashed believes that providing accurate information easily to the broad market and encouraging other real estate professionals to engage with a listing by offering a portion of our fee are both true and critical benefits for our clients.

Professional Photos

  • Realty Unleashed uses natural light and HDR to take photos of commercial properties. Pictures taken in dim light poorly represent the natural life of a space.
  • Similarly, photos taken with the use of flash aids or undergoing significant editing misrepresent properties in a way that misleads potential buyers.


  • Realty Unleashed uses distinctive signage outside of each commercial listing. Each property will have its own For Sale signage outside, as well as a property highlight sheet available for potential buyers.


  • Realty Unleashed both employs and contracts out a marketing team that specializes in SEO, Google Analytics, and Google Search.
  • Realty Unleashed understands the back end of the web, and by using keywords and other favourable methods that Google prioritizes, we have seen that our featured listings, website, and content continuously rank higher.