3 Ways to Stage Multi-Family Units in Calgary

Whether you are staging a single-family home or an apartment building, the goal is to sell or rent for the best possible price as quickly as you can. Home staging helps accomplish this objective by showing the property in its best light. While you will likely have less space to work with when staging multi-family units than you would with a detached house, you can rest assured that it’s still possible to stage these units with purpose; we do it all the time! Here are 3 of our tips for staging multi-family units in Calgary.

Use mirrors and lighting.

Mirrors can create an illusion of more space by reflecting light and making rooms feel bigger. Multi-family units in Calgary can capitalize on staging to make rooms appear larger! Hang a mirror on a wall, or choose furniture with mirrored surfaces to add depth to the room, like a coffee table with a mirror top. Lighting is another way to make small rooms look more prominent. Adding adequate lighting to a room can create a brighter and more inviting atmosphere, making the space feel larger. Natural light from windows is always a bonus as well. Also, table and floor lamps can add warmth and create a cozy ambiance, making the room more spacious and inviting.

Use neutral decor.

multi-family units in Calgary

In a real estate market like Calgary, where potential buyers or renters may have varied preferences, a neutral colour palette is an adaptable canvas that appeals to a broad audience. By selecting neutral tones for walls and furnishings, such as soft whites, grays, or beige, the staging creates a clean and timeless backdrop that allows prospective residents to envision their style. This approach contributes to a sense of freshness and modernity and helps maximize the perception of space in smaller multi-family units. To inject warmth and personality into the neutral base, consider incorporating pops of colour through well-chosen accessories like throw pillows, rugs, or artwork. Striking a balance between neutrality and subtle accents creates an atmosphere that feels both sophisticated and customizable, enhancing the property’s overall appeal to potential buyers or renters in the competitive Calgary real estate market.

Maximize vertical space.

To make a small room appear bigger, you must maximize vertical space to draw the eye upwards. Installing shelves or hanging artwork higher up on the walls maximizes vertical space, drawing the eye up. Hang curtains high up on the walls, close to the ceiling, so you can make the room seem taller and more spacious. Choose lightweight fabrics in neutral colours to create a bright and airy feel. Floor-to-ceiling bookcases or shelving units offer a display space while creating the illusion of higher ceilings; use them to showcase books, plants, or any decorative items. Staging your multi-family units in Calgary will make your commercial property look the best it can.

Realty Unleashed offers free staging in Calgary.

The advantage of staging multi-family units in Calgary is that you don’t need to stage every unit; you can get away with staging a few units to represent the whole. For example, if your building has 6 bachelor suites, 10 1-bedroom suites, and 10 2-bedroom suites, you can stage one of each so long as the layout is virtually the same. Realty Unleashed has been staging properties for years, meaning we have plenty of inventory to suit every home. We know the value of staging before listing because we’ve seen it work repeatedly; higher offers and faster sales are typically the result of a well-staged property. If you are looking for a commercial REALTOR® in Calgary or Edmonton, fill out the form below, and someone from our team will get back to you soon.

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