Legal Considerations When Buying or Leasing a Commercial Property in Edmonton or Calgary


If you are a first-time commercial real estate buyer, you may have some legal questions that need answering. The best way to get familiar with commercial real estate is to hire a real estate agent and a real estate lawyer who can help you navigate all of the intricacies and moving parts in the buying or leasing process. Here are 3 common legal concerns when buying or leasing a commercial property in Edmonton or Calgary.

Zoning and land-use regulations

Zoning and land use regulations are pivotal in any commercial property transaction in Edmonton or Calgary. These regulations determine the permissible uses of a property, and it is essential to ensure that the intended use aligns with the local zoning ordinances. Prospective buyers or lessees must meticulously review the property’s zoning classification to ascertain its compatibility with their business activities. Additionally, understanding any land use restrictions and planned developments in the surrounding area is crucial. Compliance with zoning regulations ensures legal conformity and influences the property’s market value and potential for future expansion or modifications. Engaging with municipal planning departments and zoning authorities can provide valuable insights into current and future zoning considerations, helping to mitigate risks and make informed decisions about commercial property investment or lease.

Title and ownership

Commercial Property in Edmonton or Calgary

Title and ownership issues constitute a vital aspect of due diligence when buying a commercial property in Edmonton and Calgary. A comprehensive title search is imperative to uncover any existing liens, limitations, or legal complications associated with the property. The potential buyer or lessee must verify the seller’s legal ownership and verify their authority to sell or lease the property. This process helps identify and resolve any outstanding claims or disputes that may affect ownership or usage rights transfer. A clear and marketable title is fundamental to securing financing and ensuring a seamless transaction.


Contracts are the foundation of any commercial property transaction in Edmonton and Calgary, necessitating careful review and negotiation. Whether it’s a purchase or lease agreement, stakeholders should meticulously examine and understand the terms and conditions outlined in the contract. This involves clarifying property maintenance, repairs, and insurance coverage responsibilities. Specific details, such as the duration of the lease or conditions of the sale, should be clearly defined to avoid misunderstandings and disputes in the future. Legal professionals with expertise in commercial real estate can play a pivotal role in scrutinizing these documents, ensuring that they accurately reflect the intentions and obligations of both parties. A well-drafted and comprehensive contract provides a legal framework that safeguards the interests of both buyers and sellers, contributing to a smoother and more transparent commercial property transaction process in these Alberta cities.

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