Should You Stage Your Commercial Property in Calgary Before You Sell or Lease?

When potential buyers research online listings, the property’s photos are crucial to creating great first impressions. Not only does that mean good lighting and realistic angles, but it also showcases that a property is move-in-ready, clean, and purposeful. Part of our marketing strategy is to stage a property to look like a home. For example, like residential buyers who want to see a cozy bedroom, Edmonton real estate investors are intrigued by properties that look turnkey and are ready to rent to tenants. 

First impressions matter.

Just like residential properties, the initial visual impact of commercial space on potential buyers, tenants, or lessees can influence their perception and decision-making process. Staging a commercial property in Calgary ensures that individuals encounter a professionally presented and thoughtfully designed environment when they step into the space. This positive first impression can set the tone for their overall experience and engagement with the property. A well-staged commercial space communicates a sense of care and attention to detail, signalling to prospective clients that the property has been meticulously prepared for their consideration. This initial positive encounter can instill confidence in the property’s value and potential, making it more likely for interested parties to explore further and seriously consider the space for their business needs.

Visualizing potential use.

Commercial property in Calgary

Commercial spaces often come with diverse layouts and setups, and staging allows these configurations to be showcased in a practical, functional manner. Staging helps potential clients imagine how the space could be optimized for their business requirements by strategically arranging furniture, decor, and other elements. This visualization is paramount in helping them evaluate whether the property aligns with their operational needs, workflow, and overall aesthetic preferences. Staging transforms an empty or underutilized commercial space into a canvas, inviting viewers to imagine themselves operating within its confines. It enhances the visual appeal and provides a tangible representation of the property’s functional possibilities, making it easier for potential buyers or lessees to imagine the space as a tailored solution for business endeavours.

Commercial spaces can feel cold and unwelcoming.

When a commercial property in Calgary is empty, it lacks a sense of warmth, often creating an impersonal environment. Staging, with the inclusion of appropriate furniture and decor, has the power to transform this cold ambiance into one that is engaging. By strategically placing elements that complement the space and align with its intended use, staging helps bridge the emotional gap between a vacant space and the imagination of potential buyers or tenants. Staging provides a connection between the person and the space, envisioning their own business operating successfully there. In essence, staging goes beyond merely showcasing physical features; it plays a pivotal role in cultivating a positive emotional response, making the property more memorable and appealing to those exploring their options in the commercial real estate market.

Realty Unleashed offers free staging for multi-family units!

The advantage of staging multi-family units is that you don’t need to stage every unit; you can get away with staging a few units to represent the whole. For example, if your building has 6 bachelor suites, 10 1-bedroom suites, and 10 2-bedroom suites, you can stage one of each so long as the layout is virtually the same. Realty Unleashed has been staging properties for years, meaning we have plenty of inventory to suit every kind of home. We know the value of staging before listing because we’ve seen it work repeatedly; higher offers and faster sales are typically the result of a well-staged property. If you are looking for a commercial REALTOR® in Calgary, fill out the form below, and someone from our team will get back to you soon.

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